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About Us

About Us

PG In Saket was started by Mr. Devendra Singh in 2022 with a vision of providing a safe & quality option for staying in the south part of Delhi City – Saket. PG In Saket mainly attracts working people, students, corporates and the ones who are looking for an affordable stay in south delhi. We have been hosting more than one thousand of our happy customers since we have started. 

We also try to make the living better in our PG In Saket for our incredible customers. Our guests feel like they are living in their second home. And this is why we feel proud on hearing the satisfactory reviews that motivates us to make our services much better everyday. We always focus on all the basic needs of our guests majorly on cleanliness of the Rooms, Washroom & Bathrooms.

We provide the best PG in Saket. We have been providing our services for the last few years and we have seen that people are always looking for a reliable and affordable service. We take care of all your needs from the time you book your stay till you leave. Our team has been working hard to make sure that every guest is satisfied with their stay. We are committed to providing quality services at affordable rates.

The best paying guest service is not necessarily the cheapest one. It depends on how much you value your privacy and how much you want to spend on your stay in a hotel. You have been hearing about the many paying guest accomodation services for a long time. But what are the best ones? What are the best features, what is their price and how do they work? You have to keep all these in mind. But we at PG In Saket make sure you will get the quality for your price. We will take care of each of your requirements. Come and join us for a better stay in Saket. Get the quality service now!