PG in Saket

PG In Saket

Let’s Find A Affordable “Luxury”

PG in Saket

We at PG in Saket provide you with safe, hygienic, and well-furnished rooms to make your stay comfortable. You can have private rooms from Rs.8000, a bed in a dormitory from Rs.2500, and even better rates for stays of 14 nights or longer. Book longer, pay less!

Searching For The Perfect PG In Saket? Look No Further!

For students, working professionals, short business/leisure travelers, and entrepreneurs, we offer quality stays that are comfortable & affordable.

Say Hello To Your Second Home - PG In Saket

You will have access to all the furnishings and amenities you require for a comfortable stay in your well-sanitized room. You see, we don’t think your chair should double as a double-duty clothes rack. And you shouldn’t use your bed as a study table.

We are aware that cleaning your room, washing your clothes, and cooking are all difficult tasks for you. We take them off your hands in your second home while upholding the highest standards of hygiene. We assure you that at PG in Saket you won’t miss your home.

Why Choose PG In Saket?

PG In Saket


We offer flexible stays for you according to your needs. Our fully equipped PGs will help you to plan your stay whether it is a long time stay or a short weekend stay. We also offer a flexible booking system that allows you to book our PG from any corner of the world with different payment methods. In Saket, it is simple to find a fully equipped and furnished PG for both boys and girls. affordable hotel with top-notch service. Our objective is to provide comfortable, extended stays in PG accommodations at the lowest possible cost.

PG In Saket


We provide all PGs at affordable rates. Our amenities like a washing machine, wifi, DTH, refrigerator, and many more come at a very affordable price. We take care of your budget and offer you rooms at unbeatable rates. We offer individual rooms starting at Rs. 5000, a dorm bed starting at Rs. 2300, and even better prices for stays lasting 14 nights or more.

PG In Saket


For students, working professionals, short business/leisure travelers, and entrepreneurs, we offer short to long-duration stays that are comfortable and affordable. This allows them to concentrate on their work, studies, and travel rather than worrying about daily tasks like food, water, cleaning, internet, power, and long commutes because all of our accommodations are close to metro stations.

Amenities We Offer at PG In Saket

Use our free wifi service to work on your college assignments, office tasks, or even for entertainment purposes.

Our high-speed internet allows you to work online without a pause.

We got everything you need for cooking from morning breakfast to late-night coffee in our furnished shared kitchens.

Spacious wardrobes let you store your stuff neatly.

We provide refrigerators in every room so that you can store water bottles and beverages.

Our free parking service allows you to park your vehicles near the PG room safely.

Want To Explore PG In Saket a Bit More?

* Additional fees apply
** Plates, cutlery, and cooking utensils are not provided – please bring your own.

Look At Your Special Spaces

Why PG In Saket is Special For You?

Considering the high-quality amenities we provide, our charges are affordable. Prices begin at about Rs. 5,500 per month.

A comfortable living environment requires ventilated rooms with regular cleaning and a connected bathroom. We take extra care of the hygiene of all rooms.

For the security and safety of women and girls, we at PG in Saket have a receptionist on duty 24 hours a day.

We provide freshly prepared meals made at home in a hygienic setting, all for a very affordable price.

All of our visitors should feel safe and at ease throughout their stay, thus we have implemented a variety of steps to reduce the danger of COVID-19 infection.

We have different types of rooms including Single Beds/Two-Beds/ Three-Beds Room so choose the one which fits best for you.

Step into a room that has room for everything

Your clothes and bag will not be fighting for space on the same chair. At “PG In Saket”, there’s room for all your possessions. Even a framed photo of your family, for the rare occasions you miss home. Everything you need for a comfortable stay is offered in the home, including Bonded Foam Mattresses for Working, Students, Boys, Girls, and Couples, as well as TV, AC, Laundry Service, Wi-Fi, CCTV, Fridge, Dining Table, Almirah, Study Table with Light, and Laundry Service.

PG In Saket

We value your safety and privacy

Girls PG in Saket

We provide fully equipped rooms for rent to students in Saket so they can stay with us safely while undergoing training or employment. We have all the amenities you need to remain and breathe peacefully in our PG in Saket. Our Paying Guest Accommodation In Saket has everything you need to suit your needs and won't break the bank thanks to the affordable pricing, including clean rooms, sanitary cuisine, access to nearby transit, and clean water. Comfort Rooms PG is worried about the protection and safety of girls and women, who face the most danger in Delhi. We have a caregiver and receptionist on duty 24/7.

Boys PG in Saket

The PG in Saket for Boys, which provides top-notch amenities, is the ideal residence for students. The hostel, which is available on a shared basis, boasts of being attractively constructed to offer a comfortable living environment. Let your dreams soar while you search for the ideal environment that enables you to be at your most comfortable. The area is secure and under 24-hour supervision.

Feel Relex in our special common area

Our common area is all set with large and comfortable sofa sets and TV screens so that you can sit and chill out for a while. We have arranged everything for you to relax and destress after a tiring working day.

PG In Saket

We Know, We Are The Best "Fit" For You

Sharing Room

Starting from Rs. 4500/-

Private Room

Starting from Rs. 6500/-

PG In Saket

Fresh &
Home Cooked

Hey, Don't expect "hostel-PG food" at PG In Saket!

If you are worried about the food quality then let us tell you that we have taken care of your meals! We provide you with fresh and homely meals every day. We serve tasty and quality food adding homely touch to it.

What Our Old Guest Says About Us?

Deepak Sharma
Read More
Location of this PG room is really the best. Management is very systematic, neat, and clean. Best pg in Saket to stay.
Vishnu S.
Read More
Good maintenance Good facilities for girl's safety have been given priority
Supriya Nayak
Read More
PG is good for students as well as corporate employees, with well-maintained rooms, if you're looking at a reasonable rate, and good for you.
Read More
Great staff and nice amenities. Superb infrastructure.
Neha Tiwari
Read More
Best PG in Saket, environment is good and food quality is also very nice as compared to other PGs

Depending on the type of room you select, that will happen. If you like to stay alone, you can choose a private room. If you prefer to share a room with someone, you can select between two or three sharing rooms.

Prices typically start at 2,300 for a dorm room, 5,000 for a private room, and substantially lower rates for stays of 14 nights or more. Book more time, pay less!

Yes, we take special care of the safety of women and girls. Our receptionist and caretaker are available around-the-clock. Plus we have CCTV surveillance systems for safety and security purposes.

We provide home-cooked meals, high-speed internet, washing machines, free parking, an RO water dispenser, equipped kitchen, study tables, and many more things at PG in Saket.

When it comes to transportation, make sure the PG is located in a prominent area so you have easy access to the city’s key destinations. Also, keep the following points in mind before selecting the best PG for you

  1. Costing
  2. Food
  3. Convenience 
  4. Safety 
  5. Sanitation
  6. Visiting Policy

We make extended stays easy with Comfort Rooms PG in Saket

We Offer Comfortable Rooms

It doesn't get any better if you're searching for a PG than this! The best option for people looking for a hassle-free stay in Delhi is PG in Saket, a hotel with serene rooms. With comfortable rooms, a comfortable stay is now simple. Boys and girls can easily get a completely furnished and fitted PG in Saket. Budget-friendly lodging with excellent service. Our goal is to offer pleasant, long-term stays in PG accommodations at the best price. Students, working professionals, short-term business/leisure travelers, and entrepreneurs can afford our PG rooms and concentrate on their work, studies, and travel.

Luxury Amenities will make your day

For anyone working or studying in the vicinity, this is a value with amenities like DTH, high-speed unrestricted WiFi, and everything you could possibly need. Since the property is located right in the middle of the city, commuting is not a problem. Other amenities include parking, a great and hygienic breakfast, a washing machine, a refrigerator, cold water dispensers, an induction cooktop, and most all, a relaxing spot to spend the afternoon after a long day at work.

Affordable Price is our speciality

Whether you are planning to stay for a short time or a long time, our comfort rooms PG have taken care of everything. We assure you of the best services at affordable prices making your stays relaxing and pleasant. The security and safety of girls and women, who experience the greatest danger in Delhi, is a concern for Comfort Rooms PG. Our receptionist and caretaker are available around-the-clock. It is our duty to make your PG life easy.

Time To Find The Best Pg In Saket

For students, working professionals, short business/leisure travelers, and entrepreneurs, we offer quality stays that are comfortable & affordable.